Generation IV – Pseudo3D

Put some basic sprites into the game with really basic animations, but I also created some logic that would prevent the player from colliding with “background” objects unless they were on a y-axis that was greater than or equal to the “background” object.

This means that, if the player is underneath the center point of a physic object’s collider, the player will not collide with said object. If they are on the same level or greater than the object in question, however, they will collide with the object.

This further gives the illusion of 3D space in a 2D environment.


Ugly Art Day – A Window?

Does that guy ever stop running?

It could be a window.

It could be a moving picture.

It could be proof of a horrifying weather phenomenon  where all of the clouds suddenly stop moving all at once and the it never rains again, thus heralding the inevitable end of the world.

Yeah… No… It’s supposed to be a window.

Thank goodness my art is only ever used for prototyping.